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Savannah Liles in "Prodigy" - Best Narative Feature Film


Prodigy has been released for distribution in North America by Gravitas Ventures on the various online venues including iTunes on March 13, 2018. DVDs  and Blu-ray available on Amazon. https://apple.co/2CboRMT 


Various Reviews

V.Series.Hub of 3/8/2018 The story starts strong and leaves us very satisfied. For me, “Prodigy” made me think that Ellie is Stephen King’s Carrie White if Carrie had been born in another time. Savannah Liles plays the beyond genius-level Ellie with superb confidence. This is an actress to watch….she could well be our next Dakota Fanning. I fell in love with those superior freckles.

In Starburst: A dubious portrayal of mental health aside, Ellie’s case is fascinating and unpeeled piece by piece by Alex Haughey and Brian Vidal’s script. A case of disturbed childhood is thrown off course by a revelation revealed over a game of chess, after which you feel increasingly numb and unsettled. This is in no small part down to Liles, who gives a phenomenal showing as Ellie. Her disconcerting demeanour and frostiness are part of a powerhouse performance that draws parallels with Pierce Gagnon in Looper six years ago.

In Reel Reviews Loron Hays says of Savannah_:

Eleanor (Savannah Liles in a standout performance)!

In Movie Gourmet:

@Cinequest - Savannah Liles is exceptional as she ranges between a very smart little girl and a monstrous psychopath and between a vulnerable child and a person who has made herself invulnerable.  It’s a very promising performance.

Derek McCaw of Fanboy Planet says:

If I told you that I saw a great movie featuring a young girl with powers she cannot control, that the government wants to destroy, you could be forgiven for thinking I was talking about Logan. But Prodigy is quieter and closer, an intimate film that builds tension through an almost real-time game of cat and mouse between a (presumed) psychopathic 9-year-old genius who is even more than she seems and the child psychologist brought in to save her.

The Film Journal - Christopher Garcia says:The performances are all strong, especially the way that Savannah Liles plays Ellie. She hits her emotional marks perfectly, but also puts out the hooks for Richard Neil to hang his performance on, and for the emotional reservoir that every other character draws from. She is stunningly tied-in with her performance, and the direction of every scene is exceptional. The acting here is flawless. 

Bro Knows Movies -Bolstered by a game changing performance from Savannah Lilles, who packs a major punch for a pint sized actress, Prodigy is so much more than your typical sci-fi thriller

TG Geeks Webcast says:

 Liles plays Ellie in a very cold, almost sociopathic position. While what Neil had to create with the character of Jimmy was unquestionably challenging, for a young child like Liles to bring a character like Ellie to life, and to give her such an intense, laser focused performance is a marvel. However, all one must do is visit her website and read her writings. There is no doubt why she was cast to play such a difficult character. Liles easily shows how intelligent she truly is, so she is clearly a natural to take on such a difficult role as Ellie. 




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